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TEENAGER PACK - Violetta 𓄼𓄼 + Lilas 𓄼𓄼𓄼

Light flow 50%
Heavy flow 50%
Light flow 90%
Heavy flow 10%
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Our Teenager Pack contains a pair of black 'Lilas' menstrual boxers for heavy flow in organic cotton as well as the Violetta panty, in purple,...
Our Teenager Pack contains a pair of black 'Lilas' menstrual boxers for heavy flow in organic cotton as well as the Violetta panty, in purple, for medium flow. This pack is ideal for discovering menstrual panties and getting to grips with your cycle in a way that is both effective, healthy and comfortable. A dreamy duo to be adopted urgently and at an affordable price too!

  • 0% leakage
  • 0% waste
  • 0% toxic materials
  • 0% odor
  • 0% humidity

Main material
: 95% organic cotton 5% recycled elastane
Waterproof inner material : 100% PUL OEKO TEX
Internal absorbent material : 100% polyester microfiber
Crotch lining : 95% organic cotton 5% recycled elastane


1 . Firstly, we recommend that you wash your period panties before you wear them for the first time.
2. Then, once worn, rinse well with cold water after each use until the water no longer sheds blood.
3. Then complete with a hand wash or a machine wash at a maximum of 30°C with a neutral soap*. Put the panties in the included pouch to protect them during washing.
4. Finally, let your panties air dry!

*To be avoided: greasy detergents and soaps (ex: 'savon de Marseille' soap except real Marseille soap which contains more than 70% vegetable oil and therefore less glycerin which would saturate the absorbent material), industrial softener, stain remover industrial bleach, and the dryer or any other direct heat source. To find out more, consult our maintenance guide!

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