1. The use of period panties

Our panties can be worn approx.
10h and up to 12h max without risk of leaks. However this varies more or less
depending on your flow and the panty you've chosen.

Oséclore menstrual panties last on
average 2 to 5 years depending on the use you make of them but above all it depends on how you wash them. Like any panties, these will become used with time, however this will not impact their efficiency of 
absoption. Having said that if you follow our maintenance and washing advice
and you use the washing net
provided, they can last up to 7 years. Be sure to use detergent
adequate so as not to overload the absorbent material inside, in particular
with excessively greasy detergents that we strongly advise against (black soap,
Savon de Marseille,…)

Oséclore, the fit and comfort of our panties are as important as
the quality of the materials. Our ambition is for every woman to feel
perfectly comfortable in her menstrual lingerie and this throughout her day.

In order to choose the size that best suits you, you
can refer to our size chart by first measuring your
hip circumference (at the level of the strongest part of your hips/buttocks).
And if you hesitate between two sizes, we recommend your pick the larger size
to be as comfortable as possible in your panties.

absorption capacity is as follows:

Heavy flow panties
can absorb up to 50ml or the equivalent of 4 tampons. This is
thanks to the inner part of the panties using ultra-absorbent microfiber with a
higher density of 390gsm, guaranteeing a much higher absorption.

Our panties can be worn as much during the day
as at night. In the office, in class, during a sports session. There is
no contraindications. The flexible and airy material allows the panties
to be worn in all seasons as well.

Yes of course. Some models are perfectly
suitable for night time because they have an anti-leakage layer that goes up to the top of the
buttocks to avoid nocturnal leaks and stains on your sheets.
This is particularly the case for Flora/ Iris/ Camelia/ Daphne/ Lilas or Violetta.

recommend having at least 6 panties to alternate with 2 panties on
day n°1 (1 panties for the day and 1 other for the night), 2 panties on day n°2
(1 night and 1 day). This will give you time to be able to wash and dry
those from day 1 during day 2 of the cycle in order to use them the day
after and so on.

However, in order to be 100% undisturbed for an entire rule cycle
of about 4 days it would ideally take 8 to be able to last 4 days without
need to do a machine. Once your cycle is complete you can
wash them all in the washing machine until the next cycle. 

Tranquility assured!

Yes definitely. Our special heavy flow panties have been designed with an insert (absorbent layer made of
microfiber) of 390gsm which is denser than what is usually found
with other brands or on our Iris model. They can thus
absorb up to 60ml ,the equivalent of 4 tampons in one day. However in case of 
very very heavy flow (also called menorrhagia or menorrhea
whose flow goes up to 80ml), you can wear it in addition to a cup
or tampon. To make sure, it's best to test it at home beforehand.

Panties can be worn as menstrual protection
providing you choose the right model for your flow
(only our Iris model is for medium flow and Poppy our thong for
light to medium flow). However our panties can also be worn as
complement of a cup or tampons in case of very very heavy flow to
avoid small leaks and stains at the bottom of the pants. 
There is
no need to wear the panties with sanitary pads that would cover
the absorbent part of the panties and therefore would not be of much use
except for nocturnal leaks often located at the top of the buttocks
(our absorbent part goes up to the top of the buttocks).

2. Maintenance of period panties

For drying, we recommend that you
air dry. Indeed, avoid the dryer or the radiator which will
heat the fibers too much and will potentially damage the leak-proof PUL internal material
that doesn't like heat.

recommend that you avoid using detergents containing oils (coconut,
rapeseed, etc.) or any other greasy soap (Aleppo, Marseille, black soap) because they
are too greasy and will saturate the fibers which will no longer be able to absorb
blood properly.

We also advise against using fabric softeners,
stain removers or 3-in-1 capsules that contain fabric softener. It's better to add
a little white vinegar if needed. Finally, avoid products containing
bleach or glycerin, and soda crystals.


In summary, use a classic detergent without
glycerin and no softeners and that's it. 😊

We advise you to use the
detergents that are as “neutral” as possible. For info, liquid detergents will dissolve more easily than powder detergents and avoid leaving traces on the panties, which is ideal knowing that we recommend that you wash your panties at 30°. Regarding the liquid detergents, here are for example those that you can use without worries (France): L'Arbre Vert, Maison verte, Ecover, Rainett, Génie Gel without

In order to best protect your panties, after
each use rinse them first with cold water. Then wash them afterwards
in your washing bag if you put them in the washing machine to protect
fragile fibers (such as lace or satin). You can also
avoid the products mentioned above in the answer to the question "What
detergent/products to avoid for washing my panties? " to keep
intact the absorbtion and anti-leakage capacity of your panties and make them last in

No worries in order to regain the
absorption power of your panties, you can let it soak in a basin
of cold water for a few hours then pass it once or twice in the washing machine with a
little white vinegar. Once air dried, try your panties again at
the end of your menstrual cycle to make sure they absorb your flow enough.

in this case we cannot go back because if the heat has been too
intense the internal PUL material may have been damaged mechanically
and this is likely irreversible. It is for this reason that we recommend avoiding
drying the panties in hot air (tumble dryer, radiator, dryer

Now, in order to check if the panties are still waterproof, we
recommend wearing them at home at the end of your menstrual cycle to
check their condition and anti-leak capacity. Luckily, a single time in the dryer 
may not have damaged the waterproof material, it's up to you to check and to avoid
doing it again ;).

It is also for this reason that we
recommend putting your panties in a pouch, this will allow you to
locate them very easily at the end of the machine cycle and take them out before
transfering the rest of your machine to the dryer.

Use this text to share the answer to the question with your customers.

Use this text to share the answer to the question with your customers.

3. The composition of menstrual panties

Our panties are all
composed of 4 different technical layers.

The IRIS panties for medium flow:

Main material :
Bamboo viscose 95% 5% elastane + leak-proof inner layer: 100% PUL +
Internal absorbent part: 100% polyester microfiber + lining
Between legs in contact with the skin: 95% organic cotton 5% recycled elastane.
Our materials are OEKO TEX and guaranteed without nano particles of silver or
copper but also without allergenic agents.


other heavy flow panties:

Main material: 95% Organic cotton 5% recycled elastane + inner layer
anti-leakage: 100% PUL + Absorbent internal part: 100% microfibre of
polyester + crotch lining in contact with the skin: 95% organic cotton 5%
recycled spandex. Our materials are OEKO TEX and guaranteed without nano
silver or copper particles but also without allergenic agents.
Our materials have also all been tested in parallel in a independent laboratory
to guarantee panties that are 100% safe and therefore without
risk for the most sensitive skins.

panties are eco-responsible because they significantly reduce
your monthly waste by refusing to use disposable sanitary protection
(tampons and pads).
You should know that on average a woman uses about 15,000 disposable menstrual products over a lifetime which represents 100 to 150kg of single-use products.
The use of reusable and washable menstrual panties therefore makes it possible to
take a real step towards zero waste and significantly reduce your waste.
In addition, the development of menstrual panties is also more respectful
of the environment because there is no use of chlorine to bleach the
material or other chemical substances during the production of the panties.

should know that a woman spends on average "7.50 euros per
cycle for a woman with a period of average duration and flow” – i.e. nearly a lifetime value of 3,800 euros. »
According to an article in Le Monde. Which represents quite a substantial sum. The price of menstrual panties is more expensive to buy but
very quickly worthwhile. Knowing that our panties last on average 5 years, you save approximately 400€ over 5 years… The decision is quickly made.

4. Our company and the manufacturing of our panties

Our company
is French, just like our team, and the founder is Belgian
but has lived in France for more than 15 years. 
All panties are designed by us, tested in France then
made in China. We made the choice to produce in China because the
manufacturers are very effective in the industry of technical lingerie
and above all have real knowledge and skills in the assembly
of several layers of technical fabrics which makes it possible to obtain a product
with optimum fit and comfort. In addition, we have chosen to
offer menstrual panties at the best value for money to
allow as many people as possible to benefit from the comfort offered by reusable, menstrual panties.
By developing panties in France or Europe the price
would have been impacted and way less accessible.
Our brand then can offer high quality panties at a price
reasonable to satisfy the greatest number of women.

being made in China, the working conditions are
perfectly ethical and responsible.
This was verified by an audit carried out by AMFORI BSCI within the factory
with which we work, thus guaranteeing respect for the rights and
freedom of the workers, good working conditions,
sufficient wages, respectful working hours, no discrimination, no
precarious jobs, etc. An essential guarantee that allows us to
develop our panties in the best possible conditions and with
respect for everyone.

5. The delivery of your panties and their guarantees

Yes, our panties have a '30 days satisfied or
or reimbursed' policy and the return is free via the Amazon platform. The return and
refund will be made on the condition that the label of your
panties is still there and they have not been worn.
You obviously cannot get a refund if your panties are
damaged or used as in any other lingerie store.

If you need to try the size and are thinking about returning the item, try the panties
over another pair of pants/thong so as not to stain them.

As a
young company and in order to guarantee the best possible shipping for our
customers, we made the choice to stock our products
within Amazon's warehouses to benefit from their knowledge in terms of
logistics and their very efficient delivery service. You can therefore
order directly on our website or on the Amazon marketplace. In 
both cases it is Amazon who will take care of shipping
your package to you within 24 to 72 hours. If you are a Prime subscriber you will receive your
products within 48 hours and at no additional cost (directly through
the Amazon website).

A guarantee to receive your package quickly
and at lower cost.