Hello! Let me introduce myself, I'm Sophie...

Founder of Oséclore, this is my story. After I became the mother of a little girl in 2018, I decided to leave my job as product manager in a large ready-to-wear company in order to launch my own company in 2019 and gain freedom. In 2021, I took the initiative to offer women a product that would make their daily lives easier whilst doing something for the planet and at an affordable price. Conquered by the comfort brought by menstrual panties, my passion for lingerie and small gestures of zero waste, I decided to develop a brand of menstrual lingerie at an affordable low price.

Oséclore was born.

Dessin d'un feuillage orange et rose
Fleur Oseclore orange avec feuilles jaunes

Our Mission:

"Supporting women in their day-to-day lives as best we can"

Above all, I would like technical lingerie to be at the service of women during those moments of life that are sometimes difficult to live through, such as the first period, heavy menstruation, pregnancy, the post-partum period, etc. Each woman deserves to be supported in the best possible way during these moments of life, and especially during the menstrual period that we all face every month.

Dessin d'une fleur rose et jaune

Our Vision:

"Supporting woman in their day-to-day lives as best we can"

Indeed, I realized that on the current market of menstrual panties, the customers either had choices of being "made in France" but unfortunately with too high prices for their budget or low quality products which are badly cut and sold in dropshipping on strange sites lacking in transparency... Not finding necessarily my happiness on the market of menstrual panties, I said to myself that beautiful things could still be realized on this market.

Dessin d'une fleur orange et jaune
Deux copines portant les culottes Oséclore tailles hautes sur fond marron avec hauts blanc et noir
Deux copines portant les culottes Oséclore tailles hautes sur fond marron avec hauts blanc et noir

Helping you to reduce your monthly spendings on menstrual products with affordable period panties.

We've designed our panties to the smallest, most minute details so that they are always refined (lace, feathering, embroidery, ...), leak-proof (with our little bonus Oséclore, our waterproof bias on the thighs), and the whole at a super soft price for your wallet. 😊

That's also why you'll rarely see us doing big discounts or sales - our margins don't allow it. We prefer to offer you optimised prices all year round in order to make our menstrual panties financially accessible to as many women as possible and to produce them in a sensible manner.

Dessin d'une fleur orange, rouge et bleu

Respect the environment that surrounds us.

Above all, Oséclore wishes to provide a natural and well thought-out solution to women who wish to change their consumption habits through small and practical daily gestures, implemented in order to take another step towards zero waste, while living better during their periods. The objective is to reduce our waste and to allow us to respect even more the nature that surrounds us.

Fleur Oseclore rose avec feuilles jaunes

A word from Sophie

"Dare to reveal yourself, assert yourself, launch yourself. Dare to be yourself. Don't let anyone judge your choices or trace your life journey for you. You are beautiful, you are free, you are strong and you are capable of anything as long as it is close to your heart and stirs your mind. Because with your heart and your will, everything is possible! Go for it."